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We support institutions, governments, companies and NGOs in designing, financing and implementing sustainable and scalable projects that have a positive impact on underserved communities. Mitsio Motu puts a particular emphasis on collaboration & resources optimization.



Mitsio Motu has been actively involved in multiple deployments in the fields of universal access (in rural and urban environments, sectors: energy, water, connectivity) – as operational, financial and strategic advisors, but also developer and research-oriented partner.


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Mitsio Motu collects and analyses complex datasets to drive consistent decisions, especially in more challenging operational environments. Mitsio Motu also provides capacity building services, to support sustainable data collection practices.


In the utilities industry, Mitsio Motu has developed a unique ability to support smart assets deployments, pricing strategy definitions, customer acquisition and sustainable retention, crossing socio-economic, environmental, security, industry specific layers, with complementary data collected on the ground.


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Mitsio Motu supports investments and fund-raising in key sectors by providing intelligence to private and public actors looking to raise funds for or invest in the right projects.


A few examples:

-         Fundraising support in the decentralized water access sector in West Africa

-         Due diligence in the sector of urban electrification through decentralized mini-grids in West Africa


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We help our clients identifying the right projects and connecting with the right partner and facilitate lean entries in less accessible markets.




Utilities in West Africa have experienced difficulties in ensuring universal access and building sustainable models, due to legacy issues, lack of funding and low customer performance. Decentralized models have emerged in parallel with the development of solar energy, IoT and mobile money to serve previously less addressable market.

Mitsio Motu supports utilities and the overall ecosystem infrastructure, both centralized and decentralized, in urban, peri-urban and rural markets, from a financial, commercial and operational perspective. Building bridges between sectors, models and countries, Mitsio Motu aims at fostering best practices implementation, assets optimization and collaboration.



Strategic efforts must be undertaken in underserved rural and peri-urban areas to ensure food security, cultural and environmental preservation, equal rights, migrations control and peace while accelerating nationwide economic development.

West African rural and peri-urban areas, require minds and models that are not functioning in silo, lean organizations that can both think big and operate locally hand in hand with concerned communities, in very diverse contexts.

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Last mile logistics & distribution service providers must constantly adapt at the margins, integrating unpredictability in their models. Field experience remains critical to drive relevant deployments.

Mitsio Motu provides solutions and the necessary intelligence that can help formal actors expanding their networks in frontier areas. 

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